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  • Member Publication2020 / 1

    Raja SenguptaSpace Mining
  • Member Publication2020 / 2

    Jing Zhi Wong‘Comparative Legal Methodology and Its Relation to the Identification of Customary International Law’ (2019) 4 Perth International Law Journal 81-109
  • Member Publication2020 / 3

    Timo KnaebeTransparenzpflichten im Rahmen des Schutzes der offentlichen Sicherheit”, Neue Juristische Online Zeitschrift
  • Member Publication2020 / 4

    Syed Ali AkhtarBook Review: Iran’s Nuclear Program and International Law: From Confrontation to Accord by Daniel H. Joyner. Oxford/ New York: Oxford University Press, 2016. xxiii + 246 pp. Hardcover: £49.00; $88.00. doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199377893.001.0001
  • Member Publication2020 / 5

    Rafael Andrew Gomes DantasPUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW: humanitarian, political and economic reflections.
  • Member Publication2019 / 1

    UPASANA DASGUPTA Paper titled “Reconciling state practice of in-orbit satellite transfer with the law of liability and registration in outer space” presented at 2017 Manfred Lachs Conference, held in Montreal and published in Global Space Governance And The UN 2030 Agenda (Monograph Series)
  • Member Publication2019 / 2

    Ali Raza Ansari• “Statutory Safeguards and Privileges for Developing Countries in the WTO Dispute Settlement System”
  • Member Publication2019 / 3

    Syed Ali AkhtarDo Sanctions Violate International Law?
  • Member Publication2019 / 4

    Gemmo Fernandez‘The Theory and Standards of Judicial Impartiality and the Case of Republic of the Philippines v Chief Justice Sereno’, 19(2) Australian Journal of Asian Law
  • Member Publication2019 / 5

    Timo KnaebeTHE SCOPE OF ESSENTIAL SERVICES: Laws, Regulations and Practices, International Labour Office
  • Member Publication2019 / 6

    Dodik Setiawan Nur HeriyantoChallenges and Opportunities in the Establishment of ASEAN Open Skies Policy
  • Member Publication2019 / 7

    Mukesh RawatInternational Sports Law Review