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  • Member Publication2019 / 1

    Sharmin TaniaDechent S., Sharmin Tania and J.K. Mapulanga-Hulston, Asylum Seeker Children in Nauru: Australia’s International Human Rights Obligations and Operational Realities. The International Journal of Refugee Law 2019; 31(1) (forthcoming).
  • Member Publication2018 / 1

    VIJAY KUMARRelocating India’s approach to sovereignty: Where does responsibility to protect stand?
  • Member Publication2018 / 2

    Ella GorianRussia-ASEAN cooperation in the field of cybersecurity: intermediate results and future prospects
  • Member Publication2018 / 3

    Ravindra PratapRavindra Pratap, ‘Building Peace over Water in South Asia: The Watercourses Convention and SAARC’ (2018) 4 Athens Journal of Law 7.
  • Member Publication2018 / 4

    Victor KattanV. Kattan, ‘Why US recognition of Jerusalem could be contrary to international law’, 47(3) The Journal of Palestine Studies (2018), pp. 72-92.
  • Member Publication2017 / 1

    Craig MartinChange It to Save It: Why and How to Amend Article 9, 18 Ritsumeikan J. Peace Studies (2017)
  • Member Publication2017 / 2

    Shahrizal Mohd ZinGreen Multilateralism in the Investment Treaty: A Triumph for State’s Right to Regulate?
  • Member Publication2017 / 3

    Arianna VettorelGlobal Positioning System Evidence in Court Proceedings and Privacy: The Case of Italy
  • Member Publication2017 / 4

    Pok Yin Stephenson CHOWReservations as Unilateral Acts? Examining International Law Commission’s Approach to Reservations
  • Member Publication2017 / 5

    Craig MartinThe Legitimacy of Informal Constitutional Amendments and the ‘Reinterpretation’ of Japan’s War Powers, 40 Fordham International Law Journal 427 (2017)
  • Member Publication2017 / 6

    Pierre-Alexandre CardinalOntologicidal violence; Modernity-Coloniality and the Muslim Subject in International Law
  • Member Publication2017 / 7

    ashutosh acharyaJurisdiction Issues in Admiralty Matters: A Critical Analysis of Emerging Indian Law’