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  • Member Publication2020 / 1

    Jing Zhi Wong‘Pedra Branca: Story of the Unheard Cases by S Jayakumar, Tommy Koh and Lionel Yee’ (2020) 32(1) Bond Law Review 129-138
  • Member Publication2020 / 2

    Nelson GohTribunal Jurisdiction and the Relationship of Investment Arbitration with Municipal Courts and Tribunals
  • Member Publication2019 / 1

    Nelson GohThe Assignment of Treaty Claims
  • Member Publication2018 / 1

    Victor KattanV. Kattan, ‘‘There was an elephant in the courtroom”: Reflections on the role of Judge Sir Percy Spender (1897-1985) in the South West Africa Cases (1960-1966) after half a century’. 31(1) Leiden Journal of International Law (2018), pp. 147-170.
  • Member Publication2018 / 2

    Dimitrios KatsikisThe Meaning of Investment in Investment Treaty Arbitration, in Arbitration under International Investment Agreements: A Guide to the Key Issues (OUP, 2nd ed)
  • Member Publication2018 / 3

    Anran ZhangStanding of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in Investor-State Arbitration: The First Two Cases
  • Member Publication2018 / 4

    Nelson GohThe Power of Tribunals to Enjoin Criminal Proceedings
  • Member Publication2018 / 5

    Xinjun Zhang– “Nonappearance and Procedural Delicacy: Some Observations on the Tribunal’s Handling of Jurisdiction in the South China Sea Arbitration,“ Journal of International Law and Diplomacy, Vol.117, No.2, pp.50-76;
  • Member Publication2018 / 6

    Gemmo Fernandez‘Revisiting the Concepts of Rights, Obligations, and Injury in the Invocation of State Responsibility in Inter-State Adjudication’, 91(4) Philippine Law Journal 832
  • Member Publication2018 / 7

    Charles H. W. Mak“Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses- Four Main Guiding Principles that Drafters Should Observe’, Young Arbitration Review, 31: 50-56
  • Member Publication2018 / 8

    Bashar H. MalkawiThe Contents and Features of Dispute Settlement under US-Jordan FTA: An Appraisal, 15 Manchester Journal of International Economic Law 167-189 (2018)
  • Member Publication2018 / 9

    Ni Made Anggre AstariThe Bubble Tea Battle between Chatime and Tealive (Part I): “Franchise Dispute in the Kuala Lumpur High Court, Malaysia”