About Us


The Asian Society of International Law (AsianSIL) is an international non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental organization with the following objectives:

(a) To promote research, store education and practice of international law by serving as a centre of activities among international law scholars and practitioners in Asia and elsewhere, in a spirit of partnership with other relevant international, regional and national societies and organizations;

(b) To foster and encourage Asian perspectives of international law; and

(c) To promote awareness of and respect for international law in Asia.

To these ends, the functions of the Society include organizing conferences, regional and sub-regional seminars, workshops and other meetings; undertaking publication for the Society, including the proceedings of the conference organized by the Society; and collecting and disseminating information relating to research, academic activities and other developments relevant to Asia in the field of international law.

There are currently four chapters of the AsianSIL. They are the Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law, the Malaysian Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law, the Indonesian Society of International Law and the Bangladesh Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law.