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  • Member Publication2016 / 1

    Hao Duy Phan“ASEAN’s International Legal Personality and Its Treaty-Making Power”, INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS LAW REVIEW
  • Member Publication2016 / 2

    Melissa Conley TylerAustralia’s Engagement with the UN, G20 and International Law in Beeson and Hameiri, Australia in World Affairs 2011-2015
  • Member Publication2016 / 3

    Heybatollah NajandimaneshTranslation of A Commentary on the UN Charter
  • Member Publication2016 / 4

    Rajesh Babu Ravindran“Decision Making process in the WTO: From Negotiated Law-making to Judicial Law-making”, in Julien Chaisse and Tsai-Yu Lin (Eds) A “Liber Amicorum”: Mitsuo Matsushita, A Critical Assessment of the International Economic Law and Governance, Oxford University Press (2016)
  • Member Publication2015 / 1

    Victor Kattan“Self-determination during the Cold War: UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (1960), the Prohibition of Partition, and the Establishment of the British Indian Ocean Territory (1965)”, 19 The Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law (2015), pp. 419-468.
  • Member Publication2015 / 2

    Sefriani SefrianiLegal Protection On Local Employee Rights Related With Foreign Mission Immunity In Indonesia
  • Member Publication2013 / 1

    Maki NISHIUMICulture and International Organization
  • Member Publication2013 / 2

    Herminio Harry Roque, JrPhilippine Practice in The Privileges and Immunities of International Organizations in Domestic Courts (Reinisch, Ed, 2013)
  • Member Publication2013 / 3

    Kudrat-E KhudaKIIT Journal of Law and Society, KIIT University, Odisa, India
  • Member Publication2012 / 1

    Asiansil Revisiting the Principle of Non Intervention: A Structural Principal of International Law or a Political Obstacle to Regional Security in Asia?
  • Member Publication2012 / 2

    Asiansil Neoinstitutionalism in Regional Organizations: Deconstructing the ASEAN Way
  • Member Publication2011 / 1

    Michelle Sanchez-BadinThe World Trade Organization and Global Administrative Law