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  • Member Publication2021 / 1

    IGNACIO DE LA RASILLAInternational Law and History. Modern Interfaces. Cambridge University Press
  • Member Publication2021 / 2

    Yue ZhangHowland on International Law and Japanese Sovereignty
  • Member Publication2020 / 1

    José-Miguel Bello y Villarino“Transitional justice for women: Acknowledge the past, fix the present, prevent repetitions in the future”
  • Member Publication2020 / 2

    Abdulmalik AltamimiBook Review: Islamic International Law: Historical Foundations and Al-Shaybani\’s Siyar. By Khaled Bashir. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018.
  • Member Publication2020 / 3

    Prabhakar SinghIndian Princely States and the 19th-century Transformation of the Law of Nations, Journal of International Dispute Settlement
  • Member Publication2020 / 4

    Otto SpijkersYearbooks in International Law: History, Function and Future
  • Member Publication2020 / 5

    Trang (Mae) NguyenInternational Law as Hedging: Perspectives from Secondary Authoritarian States, 114 American Journal of International Law Unbound 237
  • Member Publication2020 / 6

    Jing Zhi Wong‘Comparative Legal Methodology and Its Relation to the Identification of Customary International Law’ (2019) 4 Perth International Law Journal 81-109
  • Member Publication2019 / 1

    Marina GirshovichGirshovich, Marina. 2019. “Central Asian States.” In The Oxford Handbook of International Law in Asia and the Pacific, edited by Simon Chesterman, Hisashi Owada, Ben Saul, 701-732. Oxford University Press.
  • Member Publication2019 / 2

    Eka An Aqimuddin2nd Social and Humaniora Research Symposium (SoRes)
  • Member Publication2019 / 3

    Alexis Ian Dela CruzDue Process as Resistance: Dialogue, empire, and rule of law promotion in the Philippines (Oregon Review of International Law)
  • Member Publication2019 / 4

    sai ramani GarimellaInterrogating International Law and Scholarship for the Missing Narratives on Religious Misogyny in South Asia (2019) 10(2) Jindal Global Law Review 223