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  • Member Publication2020 / 1

    Jing Zhi Wong‘Pedra Branca: Story of the Unheard Cases by S Jayakumar, Tommy Koh and Lionel Yee’ (2020) 32(1) Bond Law Review 129-138
  • Member Publication2019 / 1

    Arron N HonniballFreedom of Navigation Following the M/V “Norstar” Case
  • Member Publication2019 / 2

    Ying DaiThe System Selection and Development Prospect of Access and Benefit Sharing of Marine Genetic Resources in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
  • Member Publication2019 / 3

    Arron N HonniballSingapore: Precautionary Unilateralism: Port State Prohibition on Open-loop Scrubber Discharges and the IMO 2020 Fuel Oil Sulphur Limit
  • Member Publication2019 / 4

    Maruf MarufLaw and Policy in Addressing Marine Plastic Litter: Indonesia Response and Recent Development
  • Member Publication2019 / 5

    Barbara UJLAKINATO COE CSW Commentary, Operational Maritime Law #1
  • Member Publication2019 / 6

    Alexis Ian Dela CruzA South China Sea Regional Seas Convention: Transcending soft law and state goodwill in marine environmental governance (Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies)
  • Member Publication2019 / 7

    Patrick BalsanoEléments de compréhensions juridiques et géopolitiques en mers de Chine
  • Member Publication2019 / 8

    Arron N HonniballWhat’s in a Duty? EU Identification of Non-Cooperating Port States and Their Prescriptive Responses
  • Member Publication2018 / 1

    Abdullah-Al ArifLegal Status of the Precautionary Principle in International Fisheries Law and Its Application in The Marine Fisheries Regime of Bangladesh” 3(1) Asia-Pacific Journal of Ocean Law and Policy 95
  • Member Publication2018 / 2

    Jeong Woo (Jimmy) Kim“Applying the Principle of the Common Heritage of Mankind: An East Asian Perspective” (with Seokwoo Lee) in Global Commons and the Law of the Sea (Zuo Keyuan ed., Brill/Nijhoff)
  • Member Publication2017 / 1

    Abdullah-Al ArifLegal Status of Maximum Sustainable Yield Concept in International Fisheries Law and its Adoption in the Marine Fisheries Regime of Bangladesh: A Critical Analysis” 32(3) International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law 544