UN calls for protecting civilians as fighting, though reduced, continues in north-west Myanmar (UN News, 19 October 2016)

According to the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), border posts in northwest Myanmar were attacked on 9 October resulting in the displacement of several hundred people. Some 1,200 people are confirmed to have taken shelter in a school at Buthidaung (a town located in the far-west of Myanmar, about 25 kilometres from Maungdaw, near the country’s border with Bangladesh). At the briefing, OCHA spokesperson, Mr. Dujarric, also reported that tight movement restrictions in the “operation zone” continue to be imposed, thereby blocking access to the UN and other international partners as well as for local Muslim villagers.Bangladesh has also sealed its borders with Myanmar to deny the attackers an easy escape and has handed over two suspects to the Government authorities. “The UN hopes that this situation can be resolved quickly so that Rakhine state can be restored to normalcy so that its people can move forward towards a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious future,” added Mr. Dujarric.