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  • Member Publication2009 / 1

    Xinjuan ZhangInternational Economic Law
  • Member Publication2009 / 2

    Asiansil Depoliticization and Regulation of Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Chinese Perspective
  • Member Publication2009 / 3

    Asiansil Global Standards for Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Quest for Transparency
  • Member Publication2009 / 4

    Asiansil Sovereign Wealth and Hybrid Governance in International Finance
  • Member Publication2009 / 5

    Asiansil Sovereign Wealth Funds: Santiago Principles and the Case for Self-Regulation
  • Member Publication2009 / 6

    Asiansil Dealing with Sovereign Wealth Funds: Definitional Challenges
  • Member Publication2009 / 7

    Asiansil Shareholder Voting Rights and Sovereign Wealth Funds: Perspectives from Investors
  • Member Publication2009 / 8

    Asiansil Temptation and the Virtues of Long-term Commitment: The Governance of Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment
  • Member Publication2009 / 9

    AMIT SINGH“Critical Issues Relating to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Biotechnology: Developing Countries’ Perspective and India”, Indian Journal of International Law, Vol. 49 (3) 2009 pp. 456-474
  • Member Publication2009 / 10

    Asiansil A Benchmark for Sovereign Wealth Funds’ Investment Strategies: Looking Towards Future Regulation
  • Member Publication2009 / 11

    Xiaomei EXiaomei E, (2009) Chinas WTO Accession and Sustainable Development: Challenges and Policy Responses
  • Member Publication2009 / 12

    Asiansil SWFs as a Development Tool for ASEAN Nations: From Social Wealth to Social Responsibility