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  • Member Publication2011 / 1

    Eriko TAMURAEriko TAMURA, Chinese Journal of International Law
  • Member Publication2010 / 1

    Dianne OTTODianne Otto, Power and Danger: Feminist Engagement with International Law through the UN Security Council (2010) 32 Australian Feminist Law Journal 97121
  • Member Publication2010 / 2

    Anthony BILLINGSLEYAnthony BILLINGSLEY, International Law and the Use of Force
  • Member Publication2010 / 3

    Anthony BILLINGSLEYAnthony BILLINGSLEY, Under the Spotlight: the UN FactFinding Mission on the Gaza Conflict
  • Member Publication2010 / 4

    Amy BARROWAmy BARROW, UN Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820: constructing gender in armed conflict and international humanitarian law, (2010) International Review of the Red Cross, No. 877
  • Member Publication2010 / 5

    Dianne OTTODianne Otto, The Security Councils Alliance of Gender Legitimacy: The symbolic capital of Resolution 1325, in Hilary Charlesworth and JeanMarc Coicaud (eds), Fault Lines of International Legitimacy (Cambridge University Press) 239275
  • Member Publication2009 / 1

    Simon CHESTERMANSimon CHESTERMAN, Private Security, Public Order: The Outsourcing of Public Functions and Its Limits (Oxford University Press)
  • Member Publication2008 / 1

    Asiansil Constructing Governance, but Constructive Governance? The Emergence and Limitations of a Dominant Discourse on the Regulation of Private Military and Security Companies.
  • Member Publication2007 / 1

    Abdul Ghafur HAMIDAbdul Ghafur HAMID, The Legality of Anticipatory SelfDefence in the 21st Century World Order: A Reappraisal, (2007) Netherlands International Law Review,Vol. 54 (3), 441490
  • Member Publication2007 / 2

    V. S. MANIV. S. MANI, Handbook of International Humanitarian Law and South Asia (OUP, New Delhi, 2007), edited, sponsored by the ICRC Delegation, New Delhi.
  • Member Publication2006 / 1

    Ticy Thomas VELUVELLELAALCO Quarterly Bulletin
  • Member Publication2005 / 1

    Borhan Uddin KHANBorhan Uddin KHAN, National Implementation of International Humanitarian Law in Bangladesh, (2005) Journal of the Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh