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  • Member Publication2016 / 1

    Pratyush Nath UpretiEnforcing IPRs Through Investor-State Dispute Settlement: A Paradigm Shift in Global IP Practice’ (2016)19(1/2) Journal of World Intellectual Property 53-82
  • Member Publication2016 / 2

    Sharmin TaniaTania S. and J.K. Mapulanga-Hulston, Examining the Synergy between the Right to Food and Agricultural Trade Policies. African Journal of International and Comparative Law. 2016; 24(2): 293-326.
  • Member Publication2016 / 3

    Dini SejkoInvestor-State Arbitration Distorted – When the Claimant Is a State
  • Member Publication2016 / 4

    Abdulmalik Altamimi‘An Interactional World Trade Law’, International Community Law Review 317-352.
  • Member Publication2016 / 5

  • Member Publication2016 / 6

    Pushkar AnandDetermination of Indirect Expropriation and Doctrine of Police Power in International Investment Law: A Critical Appraisal (co-authored with Prabhash Ranjan), in ‘Judging the State in International Trade and Investment Law: Modern Sovereignty, the Law and the Economics’ by Leila Choukroune (ed) [Springer] 2016
  • Member Publication2016 / 7

    Andrew MitchellNon-Discrimination and the Role of Regulatory Purpose in International Trade and Investment Law
  • Member Publication2016 / 8

    Rumana Islam“Fair and Equitable Treatment (FET) Standard in Arbitral Practice: Sustainable Development in Context” Bangladesh Journal of Law, Vol. 16, No. 1 (2016) at pp. 21-68
  • Member Publication2016 / 9

    Abdulmalik Altamimi‘An Interactional Account of Legality and Adjudication in the WTO: Part 1’ International Trade Law & Regulation 108-118.
  • Member Publication2016 / 10

    Pushkar AnandBook Review: Investment Treaty Arbitration as Public International Law – Procedural Aspects and Implications by Eric De Brabandere in Indian Journal of International Law [Springer]
  • Member Publication2016 / 11

    Bashar H. MalkawiTrade Defense Actions in Arab Countries Free Trade Agreements with the U.S: The Case of Safeguards,, 17 Estey Journal of International Law and Trade Policy 16-40 (2016)
  • Member Publication2016 / 12

    Pushkar AnandMore than a BIT of Protectionism (co-authored with Prabhash Ranjan) in The Hindu (14th December 2016)