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  • Member Publication2016 / 1

    Nabil OrinaFighting Terror Within the Law: Challenges and Prospects of Kenya’s Counter-Terrorism Measures
  • Member Publication2016 / 2

    Pok Yin Stephenson CHOWHas Intersectionality Reached its Limits? Intersectionality in the UN Human Rights Treaty Body Practice and the Issue of Ambivalence
  • Member Publication2016 / 3

    Aristyo Rizka DarmawanAdvancing ASEAN Human Rights Norms Through Diplomacy: Resolving Migrant Issue in ASEAN Through Non Intervention Policy Journal Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS) [ISSN 2528-7346]
  • Member Publication2016 / 4

    Kudrat-E Khuda‘India-Bangladesh Border Killing: Implication on Bilateral Relation’ has been published in the Manarat International University Studies, Bangladesh (ISSN No. 1815-6754)
  • Member Publication2016 / 5

    Qiyue ZHANGChinese European Law Annual Conference
  • Member Publication2016 / 6

    Manotar TampubolonInternational Journal of Human Rights and Peace Studies
  • Member Publication2016 / 7

    Manotar TampubolonInternational Journal of Human Rights and peace Studies
  • Member Publication2016 / 8

    HUA DENGHow Can the Universality of Human Rights Be Possible: from the Perspective of ‘Inter-civilization’
  • Member Publication2016 / 9

    PANDIARAJ SANKARALINGAMResponsibility to Protect : A Legal View
  • Member Publication2016 / 10

    HUA DENGInternational Judicial Protection of Human Rights and its Limits: Based on the Reflection of Gert Jan Timmer v. The Netherlands
  • Member Publication2016 / 11

    JOSEPHINE GOMEZResponsibility to Protect : A Legal View
  • Member Publication2016 / 12

    Ella GorianThe Russian concept of HIV/AIDS elimination: a commitment to international standards or “a specific historical path”