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  • Member Publication2010 / 1

    Asiansil Targeted Killings Under International Law: Between Scylla and Charybdis
  • Member Publication2009 / 1

    Shannu Narayan“Suppression of Terrorism Financing Convention: A Critique of the Legal Instrument Enforcing “War on Terror‟ Agenda”
  • Member Publication2009 / 2

    Sergey SAYAPINThe Spreading of Terror among the Civilian Population a War Crime?
  • Member Publication2009 / 3

    Sergey SAYAPINThe Definition of the Crime of Aggression for the Purpose of the International Criminal Court: Problems and Perspectives
  • Member Publication2008 / 1

    Asiansil Conceptualising Internationalisation in Hybrid Criminal Courts.
  • Member Publication2008 / 2

    Asiansil More than Imperfect Justice: Constraints and Opportunities in Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge Trials.
  • Member Publication2008 / 3

    Sergey SAYAPINA Development in International Law or a Misnomer: Who is the
  • Member Publication2007 / 1

    GILBERT ANDRESThe Collapsed Higgins-Revised ICTY Criterion: Determining the Applicability of Decoupling to Extraterritorial Abductions in the Post 9/11 World, 3 ASIA-PACIFIC YEARBOOK OF INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN L. 185
  • Member Publication2006 / 1

    Abdul Ghafur HAMIDAbdul Ghafur HAMID, Immunity versus International Crimes: the Impact of Pinochet and Arrest Warrant Cases, (2006) Indian Journal of International Law (IJIL), 495516