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  • Member Publication2016 / 1

    Xuechan MaThe South China Sea Dispute: Perspective of International Law
  • Member Publication2016 / 2

    Aristyo Rizka DarmawanBook Review : Indonesia and the Law of the Sea by Prof. Hasjim Djalal M.A. Indonesian Journal of International Law Vol. 14. No. 2 016, [ISSN: 1693-5594] 2016
  • Member Publication2015 / 1

    Arron N HonniballPrivate Political Activists and the International Law Definition of Piracy: Acting for “Private Ends”
  • Member Publication2015 / 2

    AKM EMDADUL HAQUEEmdadul Haque, ‘Marine Spatial Planning in the Bay of Bengal Subregion in South Asia’, in Hassan Daud, Kuokkanen Tuomas and Soininen Niko (eds), Trans-boundary Marine Spatial Planning and International Law (Routledge, 2015) (with Daud Hassan)
  • Member Publication2015 / 3

    Qiyue ZHANGChinese International Law Annual Conference
  • Member Publication2015 / 4

    Aristyo Rizka DarmawanEnvironmental Aspect of Transportation by Sea: Case Study Pertamina Vs. Soumalia Ltd Comparative Study MARPOL and Indonesian Law, Juris Journal,
  • Member Publication2014 / 1

    Hao Duy Phan“State Conduct in Disputed Maritime Areas: The Guyana v. Suriname Case”, INDIAN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW
  • Member Publication2014 / 2

    AKM EMDADUL HAQUEA K M Emdadul Haque, ‘UNCLOS- Maritime Boundary Delimitation-A Normative Standard? Part II: Is It Still Insufficiently Addressed? (2014) 44 (6) Environmental Policy and Law 517-535 (with Daud Hassan) .
  • Member Publication2013 / 1

    Abdullah-Al ArifMarine Pollution and the South Asian Coastal States: A Legal Appraisal,” 9(2) Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law 18
  • Member Publication2012 / 1

    Asiansil Conflicting Claims and Sustainable Development: Reexamine the South China Sea Dispute
  • Member Publication2012 / 2

    Asiansil International Liability Regime For Regulation Of Marine Geoengineering
  • Member Publication2011 / 1

    Xinjun Zhang– “Why the 2008 Sino-Japanese Consensus on the East China Sea Has Stalled: Good Faith and Reciprocity Considerations in Interim Measures Pending a Maritime Boundary Delimitation,” Ocean Development and International Law, Vol. 42(1) (2011), 53-65.