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  • Member Publication2015 / 1

    Kudrat-E KhudaPrime University Journal, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Member Publication2015 / 2

    yueyao ZHANGthe aut dedere aut judicare provision in the proposed convention on crimes against humanity: assessment from chinese perspective
  • Member Publication2015 / 3

    yueyao ZHANGcommentary to article 96 and article 97 of the rome convention
  • Member Publication2014 / 1

    Alexis Ian Dela CruzNot All Roads Lead to Rome: Philippine official immunities and the Rome Statute (Philippine Law Journal)
  • Member Publication2014 / 2

    Sergey SAYAPINThe Crime of Aggression in International Criminal Law: Historical Development, Comparative Analysis and Present State (T. M. C. Asser Press / Springer, 2014) [in English]
  • Member Publication2014 / 3

    kumudha RPresumption as to legitimacy over by expert opinion in India – Indian Journal of Research
  • Member Publication2014 / 4

    kumudha RCriminal Justice system in this Country is at crossroads – The Supreme Court of India highlights the importance of Forensic Science in crime detection – Indian Journal of Legal Philosophy
  • Member Publication2013 / 1

    Doreen ChenNumerous publications as Lead Writer for the Cambodia Tribunal Monitor
  • Member Publication2013 / 2

    kumudha RWhite Collar Crimes and its Seriousness – Madras Law Journal
  • Member Publication2012 / 1

    Nabil OrinaComplementarity under the Rome Statute: Is there a Place for Alternative Justice? The Case of Kenya
  • Member Publication2011 / 1

    Shannu Narayan“Human Trafficking: An Insight into Contrasting Perspectives”
  • Member Publication2010 / 1

    Asiansil Global PublicPrivate Partnerships and International Law: New (Mis)uses of International Organisation Privileges and Immunities