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  • Member Publication2015 / 1

    Lauri MalksooRussian Approaches to International Law
  • Member Publication2015 / 2

    Ella GorianIslamic conception of human rights and progressive development of international law
  • Member Publication2015 / 3

    VIJAY RAJ4. Responding the Quest for External Self Determination and its possibility of Application in light of International Law with study of Southern Conflict (Madhesh) of Nepal
  • Member Publication2015 / 4

    Ella GorianChinese conception of international law as the response to the challenges of today
  • Member Publication2014 / 1

    Marina GirshovichGirshovich, Marina. 2014. “Classifications of Objections Based on the Legal Assessment of a Reservation by Objecting States,” International Community Law Review 16(3): 333-370.
  • Member Publication2014 / 2

    Bijun XU “论甲午中日战争国际法研究的紧迫性和重要性”
  • Member Publication2014 / 3

    Saru ArifinHukum Perbatasan Darat Antarnegara (Law of Interstate Land Border)
  • Member Publication2014 / 4

    He JiangBasic Categories of International Law and China’s Traditions of their Practice
  • Member Publication2014 / 5

    Saru ArifinBook (Interstate Land Border Law) Hukum Perbatasan Darat Antar Negara
  • Member Publication2014 / 6

    NANY HURBilateral Treaty Relations between Korea, China and Japan: Precursors of Trilateral Economic Relations in Northeast Asia
  • Member Publication2013 / 1

    Bijun XU “Is Zhao’s Tianxia System Misunderstood?”
  • Member Publication2012 / 1

    He JiangRudiments of Human Sovereignty: Enlightenment and Response of International Law