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  • Member Publication2017 / 1

    Ying DaiPromoting the Maritime Judicial System Reform under ‘the Belt and Road’ Initiative
  • Member Publication2017 / 2

    AKM EMDADUL HAQUEEmdadul Haque, United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries: A Bangladesh Perspective (PhD thesis, Western Sydney University, New South Wales, Australia, 2016) (Degree awarded in September 2017)
  • Member Publication2017 / 3

    Xuechan MaHistoric Title Over Land and Maritime Territory
  • Member Publication2017 / 4

    Jing Zhi Wong‘Malaysia’s Application for Revision of the Pedra Branca Judgment: Case Note on the Question of Admissibility’ (2017) 2 Perth International Law Journal 62
  • Member Publication2017 / 5

    Arum Anggraeni MaulidaThe 14th Indonesian Hokaido Student Scientific Meeting
  • Member Publication2016 / 1

    Xinjun Zhang– “The Latest Developments of the US Freedom of Navigation Programs in the South China Sea: Deregulation or Re-balance?” Journal of East Asia and International Law, Vol.9, No.1 (2016), 167-182.
  • Member Publication2016 / 2

    Arron N HonniballThe Exclusive Jurisdiction of Flag States: A Limitation on Pro-active Port States?
  • Member Publication2016 / 3

    Ying DaiConstraints and Breakthrough: Legislative Lack and Remodeling of Marine Rights Protection and Enforcement
  • Member Publication2016 / 4

    Ying DaiThe Analysis on Countermeasures of IUU Fishing
  • Member Publication2016 / 5

    Ying DaiThe Responsibility and Countermeasures of Flag State on IUU Fishing under International Law
  • Member Publication2016 / 6

    Xuechan MaIntertemporal Principle in International Judicial Practice and Its Implication on South China Sea Dispute
  • Member Publication2016 / 7

    Aristyo Rizka DarmawanASEAN Syenergy to Overcome Challenges in Maritime Security: Indonesian Perspective as the Largest Archepelagic State in ASEAN Juris Gentium Law Review, [ISSN 2302 1217