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  • Member Publication2018 / 1

    AMIT SINGHCompulsory Licensing and Grant of Pharmaceuticals Patents in India: Issues and Concerns
  • Member Publication2018 / 2

    Bashar H. MalkawiParliamentary Participation in the Making and Operation of International Economic Agreements: The Case of Jordan, 2 Middle East Review- American Bar Association 12-19 (2018)
  • Member Publication2018 / 3

    Anran ZhangA Domestic National Controls a Foreign Investor in Investment Arbitration In Light of China’s Negative Lists
  • Member Publication2018 / 4

    Pratyush Nath UpretiIP Licence as an Investment: Insights from Bridgestone v. Panama, (2018) 1(1) Stockholm Intellectual Property Law Review (SIPR)16
  • Member Publication2018 / 5

    Yusuke HatakeyamaTPP and TPP11: Comparison and Consideration of Contents
  • Member Publication2018 / 6

    Pratyush Nath UpretiPhilip Morris v. Uruguay- A Breathing Space for Domestic IP Regulation’ (2018) 40(4) European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR) 277
  • Member Publication2018 / 7

    Charles H. W. MakEssays on International Corporate Law and Financial Market Regulation. Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.
  • Member Publication2018 / 8

    Xinjuan ZhangCommentary on Trans-pacific Partnership Agreement(Translated Chater 4 Textiles and Apparel)
  • Member Publication2018 / 9

    Pratyush Nath UpretiFrom TPP to CPTPP: Why Intellectual Property Matters’ (2018) 13(2) Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 100
  • Member Publication2017 / 1

    Charles H. W. Mak“Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993: English and Scottish Commercial Courts Interpretation of the Law Reflects Reality” Journal of Science, Humanities and Arts, 4 (2): 1-8.(DOI: 10.17160/josha.4.2.289)
  • Member Publication2017 / 2

    Michelle Sanchez-BadinReconceptualizing International Investment Law from the Global South
  • Member Publication2017 / 3

    Andrew MitchellRegulatory Autonomy in International Economic Law: The Evolution of Australian Policy on Trade and Investment