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  • Member Publication2018 / 1

    José Manuel Barreto‘Decolonial Thinking and the Quest for Decolonising Human Rights‘, Asian Journal of Social Science, 45/4-5, 484-502.
  • Member Publication2018 / 2

    José Manuel Barreto‘Eurocentric and Third-World Histories of Human Rights: Critique, Recognition and Dialogue‘, en Birgit Schippers, ed., ‘Critical Perspectives on Human Rights’ (Londres: Rowman & Littlefield,
  • Member Publication2018 / 3

    Nicola Edwards“The Biak Massacre Citizens’ Tribunal and the Disputed Indonesian Region of West Papua” in Peoples’ Tribunals and International Law (ed. Andrew Byrnes and Gabrielle Simm, Cambridge University)
  • Member Publication2018 / 4

    Lauri MalksooThe Controversy over Human Rights, UN Covenants, and the Dissolution of the Soviet Union, in: 61 Japanese Yearbook of International Law 2018, pp 260-283
  • Member Publication2018 / 5

    Rafael Andrew Gomes DantasPOLITICAL ASYLUM: the legitimacy of Ecuador’s stance in the Julian Assange’s case in the face of international dealings.
  • Member Publication2018 / 6

    VIJAY KUMARRelocating India’s approach to sovereignty: Where does responsibility to protect stand?
  • Member Publication2018 / 7

    Karthik ShivaThe Nagaland Quagmire – Problems, Perspective and Challenges
  • Member Publication2018 / 8

    Doreen ChenRevealing the Rainbow: The Human Rights Situation of Southeast Asia’s LGBTIQ Communities and Their Defenders
  • Member Publication2018 / 9

    Karthik ShivaWhistle blower’s Protection Law in India – Safeguarding the Guardians of Good Governance
  • Member Publication2018 / 10

    Karthik ShivaThe Voyage of Human Rights Education – Law, Policy and Road Ahead
  • Member Publication2018 / 11

    Gemmo Fernandez‘Marcosian Atrocities: Historical Revisionism and the Legal Constraints on Forgetting’, 19(2) Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and Law 140
  • Member Publication2018 / 12

    DAGAN OMWESIGATax Regime in Nepal: Implications on Human Rights (Kathmandu School of Law Review Vol 6 Issue 1 2018)