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  • Member Publication2016 / 1

    mohsen ahmadiEnvironmental law based on international conferences and organizations
  • Member Publication2015 / 1

    Karen KongThe Uphill Battle for Sustainable Development: Can the Use of Public Interest Litigation Protect the Natural Environment in Hong Kong?
  • Member Publication2015 / 2

    ashutosh acharyaClimate Refugees-An Identity Crisis
  • Member Publication2015 / 3

    AKM EMDADUL HAQUEA K M Emdadul Haque,’ Bay of Bengal – Is Maritime Spatial Planning a Necessity?’(2015) 45(5) Environmental Policy and Law 212-225.
  • Member Publication2014 / 1

    Sri WartiniEnhancing the Implementation of CSR in Developing Countries to Achieve Sustainable Development: Indonesian Perspective
  • Member Publication2014 / 2

    kumudha RGreen Economy – Green Growth and sustainable development with environmental protection – International Journal of Green and Sustainable Development
  • Member Publication2014 / 3

    VIJAY RAJ20. State Responsibility for Global Climate Change: A Case Study of Nepal with Special Focus on Displacements of Indigenous Groups
  • Member Publication2014 / 4

    Hua LANEnvironmental impact assessment in preventing transboundary river pollution under international law: an analysis
  • Member Publication2014 / 5

    Balaji Venugopal balaji venugopalVidyasthali Law Journal,2014
  • Member Publication2014 / 6

    balaji venugopalVidyasthali Law Journal,2014
  • Member Publication2014 / 7

    balaji venugopalVidyasthali Law Journal,2014
  • Member Publication2014 / 8

    Lekha LaxmanThe Islamic approach to conserving biodiversity for global sustainability: an exploration