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  • Member Publication2009 / 1

    Asiansil Overlapping Regimes of Governance and Regulation: A Case Study of Singapore “Sovereign Wealth Funds” 6,International Economic Law,20,international-economic-law,The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund Addresses the Interrelated Challenges of Climate Change and Sustainable Development – A Model for Regulating Other Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) “
  • Member Publication2009 / 2

    Asiansil Global Harmonization of the Taxation of Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Member Publication2008 / 1

    Edmund SIMEdmund SIM, International Trade Law and Regulation
  • Member Publication2008 / 2

    Asiansil Medical Patents and Expropriation in International Investment Law – With Special Reference to India.
  • Member Publication2008 / 3

    Asiansil Regionalism in International Civil Aviation: A Reevaluation of the Economic Regulation of International Air Transport in the Context of Economic Integration4,Human Rights,19,human-rights,Effectiveness of National Human Rights Institutions in International Human Rights Law: Problems and Prospects. ,GUO Sanzhuan,2008-12 YSW – Guo Sanzhuan.pdf,2008,1,asiansil-admin@<span class="oe_displaynone">null</span>,,,,,, 4,Human Rights,19,human-rights,Will there be an ASEAN Human Rights Convention?,Arie AFRIANSYAH,2008-11 YSW – Arie Afriansyah.pdf,2008,1,asiansil-admin@<span class="oe_displaynone">null</span>,,,,,, 4,Human Rights,19,human-rights,A Selective Approach to Establishing a Strong Human Rights Mechanism in Southeast Asia: The Case for a Southeast Asian Human Rights Court. “
  • Member Publication2008 / 4

    Andrew MitchellLegal Principles in WTO Disputes
  • Member Publication2008 / 5

    Yean-Sen TENGComments on Brazil Measures Affecting Imports of Retreaded Tyres Case Concerning the Methodology of Interpretation on the Concept of Necessity
  • Member Publication2008 / 6

    Surya SUBEDISurya SUBEDI, International Investment Law
  • Member Publication2008 / 7

    AMIT SINGH“International Legal Aspects of Eco-Labelling in the context of North-South division on International Trade Rules”, Indian Journal of International Law, Vol. 48 (1) 2008 pp. 45-74
  • Member Publication2008 / 8

    Abdul Ghafur HAMIDAbdul Ghafur HAMID, The WTO Rules versus Multilateral Environmental Agreements: The Search for Reconciliation, (2008) Macquarie Journal of Int. & Comp. Environmental Law,Vol. 5,5779
  • Member Publication2007 / 1

    Asiansil Recent Development of FTA/BIT Network in Asian Region and its Implication to Asian Lawyers
  • Member Publication2007 / 2

    Xiaomei EXiaomei E, (2007) Unilateral PPMbased Environmental Trade Measures and WTO rules: Conflicts and Compatibility