AsianJIL Young Scholar Prize 2017

The Asian Society of International Law Young Scholar Prize recognises the best article by a younger scholar published in Volumes 1 to 5 (29 papers) of the Asian Journal of International Law.

The winning articles were selected based on significance of question addressed; quality of research; sophistication of theoretical framework; attention to methodology; quality of writing; contribution to knowledge; and contribution to mutual understanding between the West and the Third World in pursuing the common cause of international law.

Winners of the Prize receive £250 worth of Cambridge University Press books and membership of the Asian Society of International Law for one year. All three articles will also be made freely available on the CUP website.

The winners for 2017 are as follows,


Name: Dr Victor KATTAN (Singapore)

Article: “Decolonizing the International Court of Justice: The Experience of Judge Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan in the South West Africa Cases”

Selected due to its fascinating archival research and the sophistication of the analysis. It brings to light an important episode in international jurisprudence.

Joint-Runners Up

Name: Dr Sun THATHONG (Thailand)

Article: “Lost in Fragmentation: The Traditional Knowledge Debate Revisited”

Selected due to its thoughtful study of claims to traditional knowledge and the complexities raised by fragmentation.

Name: Dr Kalana SENARATNE (Sri Lanka)

Article: “Internal Self-Determination in International Law: “A Critical Third-World Perspective”

Selected due to its beautifully crafted analysis of this complex doctrine, skillfully deploying Third world critiques.

The winners were awarded the prizes at the 6th AsianSIL Biennial Conference (26 August 2017) in Seoul, Korea. Congratulations to the winners!