AsianSIL Regional Conference 2022 – Call for Papers


Power and the Development of International law:

Asian Perspectives

July 30, 2022


July 29, 2022

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepalese Society of International Law – Nepal Chapter of AsianSIL

National Administrative Staff College, Kathmandu, Nepal

(Online or hybrid format – a decision will be taken later)

Call for Papers

This Regional Conference of the Asian Society of International Law will focus on issues relating to the development of international law from Asian perspectives. Asia is an extremely diverse continent and the Conference will explore the varying roles played by small and big powers, developed economies, emerging economies, and less developed states in the formation of international law. While Asia is playing an increasingly important role in the development of international law as has been recognized by international community and scholars around the world, Asian countries are often implicated in gross violations of human rights, corruption, unilateralism and other instances of disrespect for basic norms of international law. In such an anomalous context, where power rather than law appears to prevail, a question arises as to whether the claim of Asia’s important role in the development of international law is sustainable. This regional conference will consider the complex issues that arise from the anomalies of Asian practices of international law, among other related themes.

Participants are invited to submit abstracts on international law topics such as (this list is not exhaustive):

  1. Law of the Sea: land-locked countries’ rights to access to the sea
  2. History and theory of international law
  3. Maintenance and promotion of peace and security in Asia
  4. International rule of law from an Asian perspective
  5. Peaceful settlement of disputes between or among Asian countries
  6. Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in Asia
  7. International cooperation in suppressing corruption
  8. Natural disaster and international law
  9. International law in domestic courts in Asian countries
  10. Asian initiatives and international economic law
  11. Intellectual property rights
  12. Foreign investment law
  13. The evolving law of international trade: regionals and beyond
  14. International humanitarian law and armed conflicts in Asia
  15. Protection of the marine environment in Asia
  16. Law of the sea: disputes, safety and security
  17. International commercial arbitration
  18. Emerging issues in international human rights law
  19. Recent developments in international criminal law
  20. Private international law: applicable law to contracts
  21. Refugee and forced migration
  22. Emerging issues in international human Rights
  23. New forms of warfare and international humanitarian law
  24. Fight against Impunity and judicial assistance between states
  25. Counter-terrorism in Asian perspective
  26. Recent global developments and their impact on international law
  27. New technologies and challenges to international law
  28. The use of force: debates and developments
  29. Climate change and other environmental issues and international law

Note: Please note that English will be the language medium used during the Conference. Participants are encouraged to submit their papers on the topics that they deem relevant and important.

Submission of Abstracts

The following are required:

  1. An abstract of no more than 500 words of the proposed paper. Please clearly state the broad topic/theme of your paper in the title of your paper.
  2. Affiliation details and brief biography. This includes professional status, educational background, institutional affiliation, contact number and e-mail address. Please also provide any information about your publications and any other relevant information on your research or experience.
  3. Your affiliation to the Asian Society of International Law. Preference will be given to existing members of the Asian Society of International Law in the selection process.
  4. The abstract AND the brief biography and affiliation details should be emailed to the Conference organizers at email address: by April 7, 2022.
  5. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Review Committee of the Asian Society of International Law. Successful applicants will be informed by May 1, 2022.
  6. Please direct all queries on the abstract submission and other general queries to the Conference organizers at email address:

The Junior Scholar Writing Workshop: Towards Publication

There will also be a Junior Scholar Workshop that will convene one day before the Regional Conference, on July 29, 2022. This one-day workshop is designed for junior academics writing on international law topics such as those listed above. Applicants must be untenured or academic fellows (in pre-tenure track fellowships) or post-doctoral fellows or graduate students. Scholars meeting the above eligibility requirements are invited to submit abstracts of their works in progress.

The purpose of the workshop is to enable junior scholars to present their works in progress and to receive feedback that will assist them in developing their work towards publication. Please note that if selected, a completed paper is needed for participation. The completed paper is due on June 15, 2022.

The Junior Scholar Workshop Application Procedure

Junior academics interested in participating in the workshop should submit their abstract, biography and affiliation as stated above to Abstracts are due by April 7, 2022. Please also state how you are eligible to apply for this workshop.

Successful applicants to the Junior Scholar Workshop will be informed by email on or before May 1, 2022. They are required to submit their full paper on or before June 15, 2022, in order to participate in the workshop. The submitted papers should be between 5000 and 8000 words not including the footnotes.

Any enquiries about the paper selection process, the Junior Scholars’ Conference may be addressed to

Applicants may apply for both the Regional Conference and the Junior Scholar Workshop. However, in order to enhance participation, applicants selected for both events will be asked to choose to present at one of the two events.