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Working papers of the NUS Law School-AsianSIL Conference on Sovereign Wealth Funds: Governance and Regulation (9-11 September 2009)
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Working Papers 2009/1
Andrew ROZANOV, Dealing with Sovereign Wealth Funds: Definitional Challenges
Working Papers 2009/2
Anna GELPERN, Sovereign Wealth and Hybrid Governance in International Finance
Working Papers 2009/3
Hong LI, Depoliticization and Regulation of Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Chinese Perspective
Working Papers 2009/4
M. SORNARAJAH, Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Existing Structure of Regulation of Investments
Working Papers 2009/5
Efraim CHALAMISH, Rethinking Global Investment Regulation in the Sovereign Wealth Funds Era
Working Papers 2009/6
Micah BURCH, Global Harmonization of the Taxation of Sovereign Wealth Funds
Working Papers 2009/7
Anita M. HALVORSSEN, The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund Addresses the Interrelated Challenges of Climate Change and Sustainable Development - A Model for Regulating Other Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF)
Working Papers 2009/8
Yvonne LEE, Overlapping Regimes of Governance and Regulation: A Case Study of Singapore "Sovereign Wealth Funds"
Working Papers 2009/9
Rumu SARKAR, SWFs as a Development Tool for ASEAN Nations: From Social Wealth to Social Responsibility
Working Papers 2009/10
Javier SANTISO & Rolando AVENDANO, A Benchmark for Sovereign Wealth Funds' Investment Strategies: Looking Towards Future Regulation
Working Papers 2009/11
Gordon L. CLARK, Temptation and the Virtues of Long-term Commitment: The Governance of Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment
Working Papers 2009/12
KIM Myung-Jin, Shareholder Voting Rights and Sovereign Wealth Funds: Perspectives from Investors
Working Papers 2009/13
PARK Dong Hyun, Sovereign Wealth Funds: Santiago Principles and the Case for Self-Regulation
Working Papers 2009/14
Maurizia DE BELLIS, Global Standards for Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Quest for Transparency
Working Papers 2009/15
Myriam SENN, Sovereign Wealth Funds as a Public - Private Challenge for Institutional governance
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