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To facilitate networking opportunities and possible collaboration, this directory is a searchable repository of AsianSIL members, their areas of interest/expertise in international law, and their email addresses.
Only members who have chosen to make their details publicly available are displayed here.
Human Rights
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Mr Ioannis KONSTANTINIDISVolterra Fietta
Ms Lucy REEDFreshfields Bruckhaus
Barrister Khaled Hamid CHOWDHURYAdvocate, Supreme Court of
Dr. Daniel HEILMANNSenate of the Kingdom of
Dr. Naim AHMEDSupreme Court of
Dr. Zakia AFRINGolden Gate
Dr. Victor KATTANNational University of
Dr. Mohammad SHAHABUDDINKeele
Professor Ratna KAPURJindal Global Law School
Ms Taslima YASMINDepartment of Law, University of
Mr. Pradip ROYHANGovernment of
Ms Tanzim AFROZFaculty of Law, University of
Dr. Sreenivasa Rao PEMMARAJUOffice of Public
Ms Tanja FLORATHIrish Centre for Human
Mr. Ben LOVEFreshfields Bruckhaus
Dr RichardMcCoubrey Centre for International
Dr Kirsten SELLARSNational University of
Dr NASER Mostafa MahmudUniversity of Chittagong, Faculty of
Dr Stefan GRUBERKyoto
Professor Julian KUMaurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra
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