Membership Benefits

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The Asian Society of International Law provides its members with information on the latest development in international law in the region and access to a larger community of international law professionals.

Members will receive the following:

  • The AsianSIL monthly e-newsletter
  • Subscription to Asian Journal of International Law
  • Members discounts on the biennial conference registration

Membership Fee Structure

Categories Fee payable (2 years)
Listed Countries/Regions SGD 170.00
Other Countries/Regions SGD 124.00
(Online journal subscription)
SGD 97.00

Fees are collected on a 2 yearly basis. The membership subscription is for the duration from 01 April 2015 to 31 March 2017.

* Listed Countries/Regions:

Australia Estonia Ireland Netherlands Spain
Austria Finland Israel
New Zealand Sweden
Belgium France Italy Norway Switzerland
Canada Germany Japan Poland Turkey
Chile Greece South Korea Portugal United Kingdom
Chinese Taipei Hong Kong, SAR Luxembourg Singapore United States
Czech Republic Hungary
Macau, SAR
Slovak Republic
Denmark Iceland Mexico Slovenia


(If you are already an AsianSIL member, login at Member Login to renew your membership, view and edit your contact information, update your publication list and research interest areas and search our Membership Directory.)

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