Asian Journal of International Law Invitation to Submit National Language Review Essay

The Asian Journal of International Law (AsianJIL) is interested to publish National Language Review Essays and invites members of the Asian Society of International Law (AsianSIL) to submit an expression of interest in contributing such an essay.

The essay would review some key books on International Law, written in a language of the Asian region, that have not yet been translated into English, and that are of sufficient standing that they should be brought to the attention of the English-speaking International Law community. The essay could, for example, inform readers of some of the ‘classical’ literature in the relevant language or else more recent books on a specific subject of likely interest to our readership.

We anticipate that such essays are most likely to be contributed by established scholars working either individually or in collaboration.

The review essay should:

  • be approximately 1,500 words
  • outline the key themes of several relevant books
  • achieve a balance between a description of the books’ content and a critical evaluation of the books’ analysis
  • ideally position the books within the relevant literature
  • explain the significance of the books and perhaps offer a few points of information about the authors’ background.

If you would like to propose a review essay

Please send an email to:

Lucia Meilin ORIANA
Associate Book Review Editor

by Monday 3 April 2017 indicating:

  • your name
  • your affiliation and position
  • full details of the books you propose to include in your essay including authors’ names, publishers and date of publication
  • a brief synopsis of their relevance to international law literature
  • whether you are a member of AsianSIL.

We note that preference to submit a review essay will be given to members of AsianSIL and take this opportunity to encourage your membership if you are not already a member. Details of the Society and membership are available at:

If your offer to submit is accepted, we will then confirm a date for submission of the review essay. Please note that publication of the review essay is subject to the satisfaction and discretion of the editors.

We look forward to your interest and response.

Yours faithfully,

Shirley SCOTT
Book Review Editor
Lucia Meilin ORIANA
Associate Book Review Editor

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